Innovation and cross-industry collaboration


NCE iKuben is a cross-industrial cluster. 
We facilitate for fast and continuous business development, with a special focus on digitalization, sustainability and new business models for Norwegian industry.


 A cross-industrial cluster

Several of Norway's most innovative and competitive companies, in a wide range of industries, join forces in our cluster to share knowledge and experience. We facilitate co-operation and innovation between established companies within heavy industry, start ups, small and medium-sized technology and communication companies, academic research institutes and municipalities.


Contact us

Hilde Aspås.png

Hilde Aspås


+47 977 15 135

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Arne Larsen

Project Manager

+47 469 41 837

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Christian Strømmen

Project Account Manager

+47 482 81 569

Karen Landmark.png

Karen Landmark

R&D&I Manager, EU Advisor

+47 920 65 339

Kjersti Kleven.png

Kjersti Kleven

Project Manager

+47 918 47 092